Google adds JSON-LD support to Search and Google Now

Full disclosure: I’m one of the primary designers of JSON-LD and the Chair of the JSON-LD group at the World Wide Web Consortium.

Last week, Google announced support for JSON-LD markup in Gmail. Putting JSON-LD in front of 425 million people is a big validation of the technology.

Hot on the heels of last weeks announcement, Google has just announced additional JSON-LD support for two more of their core products! The first is their flagship product, Google Search. The second is their new intelligent personal assistant service called Google Now.

The addition of JSON-LD support to Google Search now allows you to do incredibly accurate personalized searches. For example, here’s an example search for “my flights”:

and here’s an example for “my hotel reservation for next week”:

Web developers that mark certain types of sort of information up as JSON-LD in the e-mails that they send to you can now enable new functionality in these core Google services. For example, using JSON-LD will make it really easy for you to manage flights, hotel bookings, reservations at restaurants, and events like concerts and movies from within Google’s ecosystem. It also makes it easy for services like Google Now to push a notification to your phone when your flight has been delayed:

Or, show your boarding pass on your mobile phone when you’ve arrived at the airport:

Or, let you know when you need to leave to make your reservation for a restaurant:

Google Search and Google Now can make these recommendations to you because the information that you received about these flights, boarding passes, hotels, reservations, and other events were marked up in JSON-LD format when they hit your Gmail inbox. The most exciting thing about all of this is that it’s just the beginning of what Linked Data can do to for all of us. Over the next decade, Linked Data will be at the center of getting computing and the monotonous details of our everyday grind out of the way so that we can focus more on enjoying our lives.

If you want to dive deeper into this technology, Google’s page on schemas is a good place to start.

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